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Dang! I'm always eager to hunt down bugs and issues like that to maximize reliability for everyone. If you manage to figure out how to re-create the problem, or any problem for that matter, let me know so I can chase down the problem. Right now I'm tackling the cut engage/entry modes that I've had planned for the last 6 months or so - both ramping down into a cut and also helically into pocketing/horizontal-milling cuts too. These new cut engage types will be limited to certain toolpath types as you can't always ramp into a cut if there's no way to get to it (i.e. material in the way that's not supposed to get cut). Especially when the user only wants the tool to cut in one specific direction, for instance. Then there's a few other little tidbits afterwards that I plan to get up and running before I dive into the canvas system. Stay tuned!