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Deleted 140 days ago

This game is quite big; the Common Route alone took me over two hours to play, and one of the routes (Beckett's) took another hour or so to play. If the other routes are anything like Beckett's, this results in eight or nine hours of gameplay at minimum. That being said, I do understand the iffiness about price, as I paid 60 dollars to beta test; but you are paying for several hours of content, music, and art, hence the large price.

Deleted 140 days ago

I would like to point out that this game, made by a team of small people, cost over 13,000 dollars to make and has taken at least a few years. They do have to make a profit somehow. Not to mention, many other visual novels-- professional ones made in large teams, mind you-- cost just as much. I do understand that you don't want to pay for something that doesn't have a continuous adventure, as you put, but this game has plenty of replay value and several routes and 'bad endings'-- 30 dollars considering all of the factors above is really not that expensive. However, I don't know how much it costs in your country; so not buying it if you don't believe you can afford it is a valid choice. I'm not certain I got your point from your reply, though, so I apologize if I'm harping on.

Deleted 140 days ago

I'm sure people will make Let's Plays so that you can see it anyway! It's understandable that you'd be disappointed, though.

Excuse me but i have a question :

You were talking about 60$ and then about 30$… Which is the good price ?

The sixty dollars is for early access-- you get access to each route as it comes out. 30 dollars is cheaper and is for after the game is fully released; so depending on if you want to see the rest of the game now or if you're willing to wait until it's finished, both prices are fine! 30 is cheaper though, so if you feel like 60 is too much it might be better to wait until it's come out.