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Watch Checking out games from the Creative Games Jam | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on

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Awesome video! Really enjoyed watching it. You can actually use a gamepad if you connect one, I tested it while developing and it was really fun (you move with the stick and A/B for the controls).

Also I was pretty happy you figured out the last game even tho I was dying at first before you did.

I'm sorry about the lack of instructions for the third game, we were really pressed for time since the space/fireworks themes were announced on the last day and our artist wasn't available to more art/text :D

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Oh and when you die you "ascend to enlightenment"! (It's a cute ending cutscene for your character).

It's a bit bit better than looping the game for sure, the game saves your score and you can reach enlightenment with more characters (although it's +1 score needed per level after each enlightenment, so you'll need 6 keys, then 7, then 8, etc...)

Thank you for your comments! Will definitely take them into account.

I also added "joystick support" to the game description now and the instructions for how to play each level.