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My queen nearly died but then the slugs repaid their debts!

Absolutely amazing. Really great design.

Somehow I was kind of stuck trying to keep a "bee" hive design like how it was at the beginning... (see picture)

Thank you so much for all your efforts. 

Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your "bee" hive! My I share your screenshot?

A lot of Hive Time was informed by my experiences with the original SimCity in the 80s, where I spent my time exploring the simulation by building cities with weird and interesting constraints. It is always a joy to see players engaging with Hive Time in that way.


I hereby grant you the non-limited right to share this screenshot. ;)

Oh yes, SimCity. Also Crazy Machines and Commander Keen.
Different genres but those were the times.

I realized there are a lot of funny little moments and stories in the game when you click on of the bubbles that appear. Might be nice if there was a feature to have them clicked automatically or a mode where they do not appear (for others). But it is not necessary in any way.
Being able to name the queen and being able to chose "stay here" or "move on" is really good. 


There's already a "find your own fun" setting for skipping vignettes when starting a new game. I'm wary about having vignettes confused with events if they appear automatically, but I'm open to the idea of allowing the management shortcut modifier key to allow showing vignettes without zooming to a cell by clicking on the icon bottom left that appears for them.

I completely forgot to make mention here, but using the shortcut for skipping straight to management screens (Ctrl by default) now allows you to activate vignettes by clicking on their notification icon in the HUD as of the game's most recent beethday.