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Hey, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I know what you're talking about in relation to the room with the 3 market stalls. Players often have a tendency to explore the north-east and north-west entrances before they figure out that there's entrances on either side of the bottom of the room. I think maybe I'll change those to one-way exits, so that your only real choices when you first get to that room are on the bottom left and right.

Being able to use the mouse for menus is definitely a highly requested feature that I want to add. It's going to be a bit tough to find the time for it when so many other things are vying for my attention, but I do want to add that in the near future. 

Greying out previously selected conversations is another thing I'd love to do, but unfortunately it would be difficult to implement with the way I do my dialogue scripting right now. I would like to do it eventually, but it'll require some reworking. I think the right time to do that would be if I end up going back through all of the scripts to make them translation-friendly. So maybe you'll see it if that ever happens!