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Hi ! I dowloaded the first demo some times ago and everything worked well but with the new demo I have a really hard time to succeed clicking on the answers. And on the game menu. Is anyone having the same problems and then the solution ? It's the mac version.

Hi! Unfortunately, I'm unable to replicate your issue even after trying it on a Macbook. The code for the chat system and the game menu buttons wasn't really changed either between the original game jam demo and these newer version updates, so theoretically it shouldn't have broken anything.

I'm unsure what could be causing the issue, so all I can suggest at this point is potentially try a fresh clean install of the game to see if it fixes the issue.

Delete all previous downloaded builds of Emberfate,  then navigate to this location on your computer: $HOME/Library/RenPy/

If you see any folders called EmberfateTempestofElements, whether it's EmberfateTempestofElementsPublic-1631333206 or EmberfateTempestofElementsDemo-1631333206, delete all the contents inside those Emberfate folders.

Then redownload the game and extract to a fresh new folder again.

Sorry about the strange issue, but thank you for your interest in Emberfate!