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I have no idea why but I can't add to my collection ;w; At least I can follow the creator.

On another note : I notice we can't choose green scales. Is there a reason ?

Love it so much ! 

And love the gay setting.

But more importantly whoa it's nicely written, the story is engaging, from the prologue we get an objective and the ROs are amazing !

It's hard to choose a favorite already but I totally and definitely want to read more about Cherena. And the other two obviously. I think it's the first time I'll try the poly route. They all seem so sweet

It's going be hard to get their forgiveness I guess. And it's already difficult to choose if we wear the ring or not. It would be a nice way to escape the others suitors but they already take it bad not thinking it's for them.

Hard choice.

Can't wait to

It's so nice of you !!! **

It doesn't work I get : SecurityError The operation is insecure.

But don't worry I know someone whom I can borrow the computer so I'll play it tomorrow. 

Thank you anyway, it's always nice seeing someone caring so much about their readers/players. 

I promise to make a detailed report after playing the game ! <3

A collar... I did not see that but now I only see it XD

Unfortunately I can't play the game. I'm on mac and when I click on the game it says "Impossible to open application Game."

Noooooo let me play with snaky and others sweet characters ;w; !!!!!

OH MY !!!!!!! SNAKE IS BACK !!!!!

I'm definitely playing tonight and of course my first target will be my baby snake ! So, so cute **

I'm sorry, I posted it under the wrong reply... 

Thanks for the answer.

Before seeing it I tested the last demo and it works perfectly. Maybe it was a specific problem in the old file which was corrected with the new file ? 

I don't know but it works and I have to say the game is amazing !

It really brings back memories of mmorpg and guilds problems ah, ah, ah.

On the game "game" part I always forget the mp with the potions before the first raid. Every time... Oups...

Anyway, I'll try to follow the steps of the resolution you described if I have a new problem with a future update. Thanks again !!!!!

Hi ! I dowloaded the first demo some times ago and everything worked well but with the new demo I have a really hard time to succeed clicking on the answers. And on the game menu. Is anyone having the same problems and then the solution ? It's the mac version.

Episode 6 is great ! I only played Vexx and Damon for now. But I can't wait to read more with other characters. And the revelation !!! Strangely my MC is only thinking there was a big scheme and was left alone to face everything that happened. I'm really curious to see how it will be developped. Thank you for your hard work !!!!!

I was so happy until I read without happy ending ah, ah.

Not for me. I accept the angst if I have the happy ending. Let's meet again in your next game ~.

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I'm so excited at the idea to play the full game ! Well I'll have to wait until I have the time but aaaaah so happy !

Congratulations on finishing the game !

I'll make a detailed review as soon as I can, until now I really enjoyed the game !

Yay ! And then we'll have on Supernatural in NY ** I can't wait !

Lucius is so cute. I would love to have him and Neri as RO.

I mean who doesn't want to pat his head and cuddle him ? <3

I don't have a Steam account. Too bad. I'll still support Ertal Games on when it will be possible. Thanks though.

I just discovered you can only pay with paypal and not with a normal card. So disappointed ! Y^Y

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I loved it ! 

It was easy and fun to read.

In the end : I was not that interested in the romancable characters (even though they ARE interesting) until I saw Yi Kai. I really hope he is a RO. I want to know more about him, let's hope we'll see more memories with him inside <3 !

Plus : let's be honnest he looks like the younger version of Ikemma who is definitely on my list. Meeting him after the mountain debacle will be iteresting. In the good way ~.

Hello I played the game and it's awesome.

I really liked Fritz's route, in the first game I was a little disappointed but in Evermore I'm totally satisfied ! 

But yeah there is a problem : where is the 1.1 version ? It was supposed to be posted 34 days ago but the 1.1 version does not appear for mac version and for pc and linux version.

Where can we find it when we don't have Steam ? Thank you !