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This background is gorgeous. You're right to be excited. We are too !

The demo works if you restart from the beginning ~!

Hello ! I have the same issue as Nightmare7831. 

When choosing to play directly chapter 5 and premade a Mordred, I get stuck on a white page without text so I can't pass and start palying. 

It happens just after we've been asked if Mordred kept in contact with Gawain in chapter 4. (If it can help ?)

Have a nice day !

Happy for you ! I still hope you'll upload the game here (not a big fan and user of Steam).

The art is beautiful and the story makes you want to know more. 

What happens next ?

It was the best surprise in the yaoi game jam this year ! 

I can't wait to discover more about the game (behind the scenes and in front ah, ah).

Congrats to every members, you did an amazing job !

I saw it like ten seconds before buying the game ah, ah. It was actually in red on the stream page.

The thing is on the taxes when you're not from US rise the price by 5$. Well no choice if I want to play it ah, ah.

Thanks for the answer !!

I just discovered the same thing. Can you tell us when there will be the mac version on Steam ? ?.?

I didn't realize at the time but trust me if I let a review I definitely enjoyed your game ! 

I was more on a realistic view of the project but I loved it and I'm really curious to see how you will developp it. 

And I saw the post mortem post it was really interesting to read it !

Don't worry and take your time to do whatever you want with it. I'll be lurking in the liked waiting to play more ah, ah, ah ^^

The new developper (announced a year ago officially on the discord channel) is actually reworking the script. The new timeline seems to be 2024. 

You can actually see the entire answer from the original developper on the discord channel in the topic named questions_about_1d. And the last year update in the annoucements topic.

So there is still hope.

How many times did I use the word great ? You see what you made me do ? Ah ah ah ~

Love it ! I got 3 different endings for now and it was really great.

Loved the characters (well except the... Ok I loved 3 characters others than MC. Fine., loved the characterization, loved how works the story.

You can learn many different things according to the path you chose. The ending 8 : Mated was great !

And the bonus stories were cute and enlightening.

Poor Sans. Definitely happy to have stick with him to the end.

And our dear Dr... Tut tut... Did you lie to us ? Well I guess it's another story !

Great game ! I totally recommend it ! And I'm definitely gonna play the other endings ** Thanks for this gem !

Aspen my poor Aspen. The ending was tragic. Romantic yes but I wasn't expecting to feel so sad. I would have love to read something as happy as in the 3 other endings. His ending is my only negative point about this game.

Special love to the recipes and their effects. It was a great idea. 

I love the details in this game. It's one where choosing one phrase or attitude changes the dialogue or the impression several minutes later in another context. It's a choice which influence the story. 

The MC is really smart, we can see her reasonning, it's a nice change and perfect for a detective story. It's something we can see even outside of the "investigating times". 

I was pleasantly surprised to discover actually 3 endings possible in the demo and waitforit 2 murders. People ! Considering your choices the first victim is NOT THE SAME ! Yes capitals were needed. It's awesome. I could investigate only one of the two murders (I guess time was lacking for the other) but whoa.

And so many suspects. They truly are all lying. Even though I have still some sweet spot for some of them. With the demo I have no idea who is guilty. So many things are suspicious. So many people too. Just take the clerk no one sees at all the morning after. Is he dead ?

Oh talking about the clerk I thought one question was missing after reading the testament (specially when you decide to go back and question the clerks; even though it's a question you can actually ask other people family members or even workers; people need witnesses after all) : Do you know the content of the old testament ?

Let's hold our thoughts on the current testament to our MC ah, ah or even the grandfather... I'm really curious to know if I missed anything in the possible endings of the demo so please tell me.

I really loved the ambiance and to discover our suspects. I mean our ROs or LIs as you prefer. Blake is my favorite so far. I had to say it since nobody else mentioned him.

I'm really impressed by the game you created.

It was for a jam so with many limitations but the story is great with many twists, almost like a thriller sometime, the art is more than pleasing on the eye and the possibility to cutomize our MC is really nice, and the characters are so engaging. I loved all the faeriess. Even the queen. Pix is my number one still, a certain dreamer advisor is also close.

To be able to make a completed game of such quality in a short period actually put the line very high for others participants. (You even made a mini guide, how cute is that ?!)

So... Who is ready for a little journey in the Night Realm ? Come on people !

Big fan. It was a great play ! I can't wait to discover how our MC will fix her new made problem ah, ah ! Art is great and story cute. It's perfect to play when you need to destress or change your ideas.

At first I thought the choices were few and a lot of important things passed before we could actually made any so I did not really feel the game part but playing it, it was obvious choices really matter. 

With so many characters it's an ambitious project. By the way the cliffhanger was horrible... Truly sadistic.

But I'm curious to see what will become of this game.

I could finally play the demo. I really liked it. We have mysteries, schemes, old memories and definitely a tinge of romance colored by murdery good intentions ah, ah.

Nicholas sounds like the more dangerous but at the same time he made me so curious. Specially with his secret and if we add the name of the game... Am I reading too much ? Possible. But I totally want to read more of him.

The other two LIs are cuties. I want to tease them a bit ah, ah.

The art is great and for once (I tend to mute everything when playing) the music was going well with the game so ++. 

It's a demo who should get more visibility, it's really good and there is a story who demand to be developped.

Nice game, congratulations !

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Awesome ! I'll wait for it then ! Good luck !

What am I saying ? You've already uploaded it.... Sorry. Then I'll play the demo thanks !!!! ~ 

It looks great. I would love to play it. Is a mac version planned ?

Thank you for the info. I can finally learn everything about them even though our MC didn't want to know ~. And of course it was Erik and Mr Suit my 2 big favorites (I admit I thought about them seeing our LIs ah, ah; there is definitely a mafia vibe with Jack) <3

Perfect ! 

This game was as great as the teasers and the trailer let it guess.

The stories were engaging.

And I definitely fell for Jack. I was hyped for his whole stpry, he is such a gentle soul. Even without seeing him I would have fallen for him. The teasing part from NPCs was really cute.

Derrick was my second play and I laugh a lot at how he could be a little exasperated by the blindness of our MC. The NPCs verifying if she wasn't colorblind was perfect ah, ah. 

And Kippy, we saw Kippy ! You could totally create a game for the glory of Kippy and we would play it just for its cuteness.

I loved all the endings. I'm just a little sad we couldn't wait it's spoilery but I don't know how to hide it so just go the next paragraph for people not wanting to know see our MC. And I'm a little surprised at the kack of informations we have on our LIs even though some clues tell us we could know more. But you definitely cover that part with the logic of our MC on this specific topic so nice cover ! And I will just add that phrase for people not wanting spoilery loose phrases but still.

Seriously you guys did a great job ! The graphics (and the fact the shadows look like starry knigts) are beautiful, the story is definitely intriguing there are some twists we don't expect, the details of the NPCs and their stories, and obviously our two LIs. Bravo. You really created something amazing.

I can't recommend that game enough. Play it people !! You won't regret it !

Ps : I will probably post another comment in a few days to talk about the looks of our two LIs just to give my first impressions but let's some players find out for themselves. Their appearances are more than nice by the way ! <3

So many days until the D-Day... I really want to play it, the trailer is great.

Just a little something there is a mistake in the demo on the word *pnuemonia instead of pneumonia.

Sorry. And can't wait for the release ! Fighting !

Happy and sad at the same time. As many other players I guess. It was a great journey ! We definitely will be with your for the next one !

Amazing ! Take care of yourself and thank you for this wonderful sneak peek ** !

It's probably the game I replay the most ah, ah, ah. Don't worry I'll definitely enjoy the update be it in weeks or months ~.

The update was great. I love the fact we can learn more about a certain eccentric RO. But at the same time I terribly missed Gus ah, ah, ah. And teh cliffhanger... It's torture ! I want to know more and please let it be Gus !!!

Love the story and the characters ! I have so many questions about them ! I'm gonna replay right now to discover other paths !

The one calling us "Little Bell" is definitel intriguing. Good luck with the game ! I'm totally following it and you !

I really liked the demo. It's well written, we learn about the story background just enough to want to know more and the characters are compelling.

Our twin is amazing.

I'd love to know more about the ROs without having to go on your tumblr.

Why not putting the description of the ROs here and right uneder your tumblr ?

I think it would be great for curious people ~.

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A new game from Synokoria ? It's gonna be amazing !!!!!!!!

I can't wait to play it ! Their stories are always enjoyable and let's be honest ROs & NPCs are always great to meet.

Plus the setting for this new game makes me really curious.

Derrick & Jack are different and I'm really excited to see the developpement of their stories.

AaaaaaaAAAAaaaAAAAHHHhhhhHHHH so exciting !!!

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Great game with an interesting setting and actually characters making want to know more about them.

I can't wait to read more about the story and met the last RO.

People play this game it's a little gem !

Oh my !! Oh my !! It's here !!!

I love this game ! We have suspense, murder mystery, complot & enough romance/play game to tease us.

Everyone PLAY the demo !! 

It's always a pleasure to play it. It's high recommendation.

Ps : Will the game be on ? Some people like me do not have Steam or Apple Store actually ah, ah, ah...

I have no idea why but I can't add to my collection ;w; At least I can follow the creator.

On another note : I notice we can't choose green scales. Is there a reason ?

Love it so much ! 

And love the gay setting.

But more importantly whoa it's nicely written, the story is engaging, from the prologue we get an objective and the ROs are amazing !

It's hard to choose a favorite already but I totally and definitely want to read more about Cherena. And the other two obviously. I think it's the first time I'll try the poly route. They all seem so sweet

It's going be hard to get their forgiveness I guess. And it's already difficult to choose if we wear the ring or not. It would be a nice way to escape the others suitors but they already take it bad not thinking it's for them.

Hard choice.

Can't wait to

It's so nice of you !!! **

It doesn't work I get : SecurityError The operation is insecure.

But don't worry I know someone whom I can borrow the computer so I'll play it tomorrow. 

Thank you anyway, it's always nice seeing someone caring so much about their readers/players. 

I promise to make a detailed report after playing the game ! <3

A collar... I did not see that but now I only see it XD

Unfortunately I can't play the game. I'm on mac and when I click on the game it says "Impossible to open application Game."

Noooooo let me play with snaky and others sweet characters ;w; !!!!!

OH MY !!!!!!! SNAKE IS BACK !!!!!

I'm definitely playing tonight and of course my first target will be my baby snake ! So, so cute **

I'm sorry, I posted it under the wrong reply... 

Thanks for the answer.

Before seeing it I tested the last demo and it works perfectly. Maybe it was a specific problem in the old file which was corrected with the new file ? 

I don't know but it works and I have to say the game is amazing !

It really brings back memories of mmorpg and guilds problems ah, ah, ah.

On the game "game" part I always forget the mp with the potions before the first raid. Every time... Oups...

Anyway, I'll try to follow the steps of the resolution you described if I have a new problem with a future update. Thanks again !!!!!