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This has quite the original puzzle mechanic! And you got a lot of leverage out of it. I found a handful of the platform-oriented rooms a bit annoying―it's one thing to fail at a test of reflexes, and another to fail because you can't see anything―but the room design in general was really clever.

I loved the scraps of lore, and the QR code element gave a cool delay to the information you gain that made it feel like it had more weight once you "decoded" it. One gimmick would have been enough, so I love that there are two and that they work so well together. Although I can see why other players found it annoying, particularly if you don't time things well enough for a screenshot before the code gets whisked away.

I'm not sure I really understood the ending, but that means I'll be thinking about it for a while longer and that's not at all a bad thing. Brilliant submission!