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well i mean the story is that they've known each other for years, but they're unable to meet, or defy further system permissions so they can really tell each other about how they feel.
it's also worth pointing out that both of them refer to themselves as they/them.

they are both nonbinary and this relationship is gay.

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I find these new games (the post EIGTBOK stuff) put me in a place of self examination and are subtly thought provoking - and I feel like I've reflected on them a lot (especially this one lol). Maybe we will see them compiled together like Armagad in the future, since they all kind of play and build upon similar ideas? It's like it's own new era of your work. Like if you had a wikipedia article it would be in it's own sub-section like "Life after Everything is Going to be OK and new work" next to "government censorship and accusations of illicit potatoware".

I like the mechanics you experimented with here using the desktop space and it's funny and cute, but I'm really looking forward to how you build upon these ideas in the future.

Anyways, I deleted my old review because it was silly and I don't think you liked it.