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Hey.. I installed this game on PC and I Payed for it.. it doesn't open, simply blocked at the loggo screen "Innersloth".. I want so much to play it, but I can't, please, if you know any way to fix this, reply me.


I haven't heard of this issue before. You might try redownloading it. If you have anti-virus, that might be affecting it as well. AVG dislikes Unity games quite a bit.

This may be a solution, I do use AVG. I also tried reinstalling it, but the issue kept happening. 

By the way, I sent an email to the support in case you don't see my comment here, but since I saw your reply you can ignore the mail.


same problem, we just paid for it , but wont let us run after we download it .. please help us .. signed frustrated "payer "

same here. I paid the game but it cant download

same problem and i already try every suggestion but no avail :(

i played on laptop btw

pliss fix this problem

I just created my account in this page for help them. Sorry for my English. I had the same problem. When I opened the game appeared the logo screen "Innersloth" and the game blocked. I tried solved with comands "ALT + ENTER" but it didn't work. Then I checked my GPU (Screen drivers) but Windows said it's all ok. I had to read lots page to undertand my problem. I did the follow:

1.- Go to directX in Windows (command dxdiag).

2.- Go to Screen tab.

3.- In the seccion Devices you'll see the Screen driver's name.

4.- Go to drivers manufacturer page (or search in google) and dowload the most recent driver for your PC o laptop.

After that I opened the game and it worked perfectly.

PD: My screen drivers is "Intel HD Graphics".