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Just came back here to see if we had some news, and sadly nothing - I guess I'll keep waiting, I don't actually have issues with that nor will I be asking for a refund since I adored the two routes we got.

But that leads me to my second point. I'm so surprised by the comments. Honestly, I didn't expect people to complain about the "lack of romance". I definitely don't agree with that. But the romance here is more subtle than in some other games, and leaves lots to the players' imagination - and I like that. Now, I totally understand some people may play otome games only for kisses and steamy scenes, but I'm not necessarily in for that. After playing litteraly dozens of otome and BL games, I know for sure a good romance game doesn't need to have any explicit kissing or sexual scenes to be perfectly fine and great.

So yeah, it may not be your jam if you NEED kissing, but I think it's a very nice, sweet and touching game if you're fine without it. 

What it definitely IS, it's an otome game. It's just not your standard otome, that's it. After playing as many games as I did, you just start to see more and more atypical games that break the codes, and you also start to think of it as refreshing.

If you want great but more conventional indie otome games, I suggest Nusantara: The Legend of the Winged Ones and Cinderella Phenomenon (both are free and a new Nusantara game is in the making too).