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Love the alpha build but a few things I want for the final build. Horizontal spinner to be included and try to get licensing of the bots. I know its hard but I think they (the teams might really like the idea), Another thing  I really want is the replay and slow motion feature. This feature will be awesome for the game and much anticipated I think. Also personal suggestion and totally optional, add a camera angle facing right behind the bot like every car racing game out there. I think it would be easier that way to control the bot. 😁 


Thanks for the feedback!

Horizontal spinner is definitely on the list of things to do.  We originally had one, but had to remove it due to licensing concerns.  

Licensing is complicated.  All of the roboteers we have spoken to would love to have their robots in the game, but in many cases the display rights are held by third parties who tend to be very guarded about granting the rights to other parties.  Licensing is something we are looking into, but we can't make any promises without signed agreements.

We have played around a fair amount with cameras, and your point is well taken.  I initially pulled the over-the-shoulder and first-person cameras because the robots jumped around so much when they got hit.  It was a lot like sticking a camera on a real robot.  I got sick watching it.  The over-the-shoulder camera had similar issues, plus all of the technical challenges of making sure the line of sight between the camera and the robot wasn't obscured, as well as the fact that the robots respond extremely quickly, resulting in the camera swinging wildly around the arena.  In the end, I found that it was much easier to control the robots with traditional cameras mounted to world space, rather than cameras that were operating in the reference frame of the robot.

No problem,  I am a fan of both Battlebots and Robot wars and would grab any chance to get into any one and even try and participate 😜. I even have a design in mind too. Oh yeah, should have thought about the demerits of having the camera right behind the bot especially when you choose and  play  as the second bot DB-MK2.  It goes crazy in the arena😂. But do add more camera angles I think it would be useful. BTW I am computer science engineer here in India and I am still choosing fields to pursue within computer science.  I am for now planning to go on for Machine Learning and app development for android phones. I would gladly learn game designing so you have any suggestions for how to start game designing? Any suggestions are gladly accepted.