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Hi @Maxiess i really enjoy playing this game just some little thing i need to say about its so bright anwer i have sometimes if it could be the qestuons darker to have a clear viev of them what i kinda miss on earlly game starts was like in first army like it was personally fast start i would like more about some backroundstory how he get in the army how meet leopard friend like for me personally is missing on start but when u got the ice army it start to have point you start have feeling for the characters who are there like meet them now about them better some romance starting and i like the smart strategy like no fighting try to have piece no killing i like that point and that elevator its really interesting there so many things what can doing down there some experiments on ppl or something like that cause that and Jean was affriad of that doctor bunny (sorry about names not my best side) :D and also what i like about your game you can like have a character and u see him his face animation its really cool will be interesting if have the others in menu choose character like difrent story that would be really interesting i would like that personally i really enjoy myself playing this game and i am looking foward to see more of this game and story  and sorry for this long coment :D and sorry about my english i am from slovakia xD 

Hey NexusDarius!

 We change the letter type for the next update to see if get easier to read all the text.

I have not giving much attention to George in the old updates, but slowly this will change, and with him you will be able to know more about the academic life of the player. I am happy you are enjoying the story, I know still has a lot improve tho. 

The character appearance and animation is Hroft32's work, he is doing some amazing job in this project. 

I enjoyed reading all your post, no reason to apologizise about the size of it, and my english is not that great either, Sean are carring the weight to fix it for me XD. 

Thank you from Brazil!