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Should've played this game last, now I'm scared of cactii. :O

Yet another very well made jam game. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere. First you start off in a peaceful state. Everything is bright and you can take your time to learn how the level looks like. When the scary state begins you are being hunted by cactii in pots, casually jumping towards you (how else would they move? :D) when you're not looking. *

This game took a Slender concept and "cactified" it. And IMHO I enjoyed this game a lot more than I did any of the Slender games so far, and even introduced great puzzles and level design. I enjoyed the last few levels very much, especially the last one. Great job creators! I'd look forward to playing and testing more levels if you plan on continuing.

* This tiny detail of cactii jumping effect as they approach is what I specifically adored about this game. You didn't force any scary SFX like most horror games do, yet the tiny jumping sound when not looking did all the work of scarying me, especially when running away. Bravo!