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Ah, about the issue between Lily's Day Off and Itch app, Itch support already fixed it.

They said the mistake was from your end but they fixed it anyway because you were slow to react.

So there is no more issue between Lily's Day Off and Itch app as for now.

And as for Linux, I gave up trying to play with Linux because half of games which officially support Linux actually support a specific Linux distribution, mostly Ubuntu.

Linux distributions have grow so apart to each other that they are no more more compatible and so basically there is no such thing as a "game for Linux", the truth is much more complicated because actually, each Linux distribution has its own games and these games are only for this specific Linux distribution.

So it is a pain in the ass to get games working with every Linux distribution so I gave up trying to play with Linux and I resigned to keep coping up with Windows.

I dislike Microsoft but there is not really a choice, it is Windows or nothing.

That basically means that I won't bother you with Linux anymore since I don't bother myself with Linux anymore either. :-3

Also, I don't care anymore if you think that Mac OS and Linux are not PC because there really is no other option than Windows to play with PC so you can keep looking down on Mac OS and Linux as much as you want, I don't care. :-3

Ufufu, nya, jaa ne! ;-3