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Ok, I'm sorry but I feel like I have to share my experience. I loved the prologue, the concept seemed great to me, love the design, enjoy the dinamics of the battle (although I was hoping for something a lot different when I read it envolved cards). But it was SO buggy! Especially when walking and battling. It froze so much that I couldn't get past the second battle (the locker one). I actually had to run task manager and the game wouldn't even let me do that. I look foward to seeing a more polished version in the future, because the game actually seemed like a good game (and it was, when it ran smoothly for the first minutes). Best of luck to the developers trying to fix those problems! Hope I can play it and leave a more optimistic comment in the future.

Hello, thanks for the comment! 

It sounds like your game is running dramatically slower than it's supposed to.  I've watched a bunch of videos and live streams of the game, and there haven't been performance issues like this before  like in this video .  The sections you're describing as having problems are when the game is adding images to your computer's memory.

  • Are you running the game from a D: drive?  A user reported that when they tried running it from their D: partition, they had ridiculous load times on animations (10 sec+) but moving the game folder to C: and running it from there greatly improved performance.
  • Are you using a particularly slow computer?  That would affect how quickly the game can load animations. 
  • If neither of these work, what specs are you running + what version of the game do you have?  This info might help me figure out what the problem is.  

Also, did you extract the game from the .zip before trying to play it?