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AHH sci fi hauntings in space - I was looking forward to this so much and I absolutely loved it!

Loved the premise, the punchy beginning, the supercool UI, loved the ART (those crisp bgs, the gorgeous characters, their designs, their adorable expressions, their beautiful EYES)!?!

And aside from their look, the characters themselves were so much fun – I love smart girls who toast to physics – and their relationship dynamics felt nicely established coming into the story, with strong foundations ready to grow!

I also really need to mention the incredible visual effects you employed, which created so many standout moments in the story, such as:


The mirror moment, especially the first blink!

The awesome spacewalk effect!

The floating in space moment!

Not to mention the infinite (black hole) girl - that effect was really breathtaking!!

The ending was really satisfying too – it felt hopeful and curious without 100% explaining away all the mystery, a very nice balance.

Talking of endings - I saw that you've also added some CGs - and although my playthrough was v satisfying without them, it's an extra treat to know they'll be there for the future. 

And last but not least - absolutely incredible that you did this in a month as a SOLO DEV, I shake your hand in awe!


ahhh!! ty so much for this lovely review I’m a bit blown away!! So happy you enjoyed the game! 💖💖💖