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The colission can be quite dodgy, and the acceleration needs to be finetuned. Also, I find myself not being able to use the gun, even if I cock with right key and shoot with left key. I do like the mouth SFX and song, by the way.

For the collision I can't disagree. 

For the gun you need to keep the gun cocked by maintaining the right mouse button until you shoot.

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Ooooh, I see. I'll give it another shot, then. :)

EDIT: Oh, now it's much more manageable. Just two nitpicks: firstly, I think the game would benefit from having a random chance that, after you kill a Night Star Bandito, you get some more ammo. Otherwise you don't have any incentive to shoot until the very end, because there's only so many bullets. Secondly, this game would be great if you could shoot anywhere on-screen apart from 0 degrees and 180 degrees - that's got to do with the game mechanics, though, so it's just food for thought.


For the bullet you can actually reload with R !

The 180 degres would be quite hard, maybe with the mouse when the gun is cocked ? That's a good idea though.

Did you manage to finish it btw ? On my last series of test I couldn't get to finish it !

Oooooh, gotcha.  No, I couldn't get to finish the game, even while being able to reload (you might want to add that into the instructions in your page), I'd need some more hitpoints for that, or a way to get more hitpoints. I could just barely kill the last enemy far to the right with three of them :D
Also, what I meant with 180 was to be able to shoot in any direction by pointing the mouse at where you want to shoot, instead of being able to shoot either to the left or to the right.