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Welcome to Paint Jam 2019!

Paint Jam is a game jam based off the high tech, revolutionary, graphics editor that comes pre-installed on Windows whatever. This jam is for people who want an excuse to make a little game using only MS Paint as a graphics editing tool.

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The theme for Paint Jam 2019 is...

The Starry Night!


  • Don't be a jerk.
  • Use MS Paint. (Paint 3D is ok too!)
  • You can use other art tools to create transparency.
  • You can use source code and stuff you wrote before the jam, but don't use anything that would get you in legal trouble.
  • Do not infringe copyright laws.
  • Don't do something that will make me edit this rules section.
  • Have fun!


These are little optional things you can do to make your life a living hell.

  • Make all your own sound effects using only sounds you can make with your mouth. Onomatopoeia recommended.
  • Only use the default MS Paint color palette.
  • Make a 3D game only using flat images. No meshes except for like the world/levels.
  • Use only comic sans for any in-game font.
  • Draw your assets without a drawing tablet.
  • Try to make the title/logo without any real type/font.
  • Draw all of your art with your eyes closed.


Head on over to the community if you have any questions, want to find a team, or just want to talk about Paint Jam!

Follow @YWainczak for any news or updates!

Have fun!


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Can you find Vincent's hat?
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Made for Paint Jam 2019
Role Playing
a small game with stars, comets, aliens and ms paint.
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Hop from asteroid to asteroid and avoid the Spacehole
A Van Gogh's dream. Have fun and don't get spotted :)
Follow Poland on his glorious adventure to save UK from the EU and the maniacal plans of Germany
A tower defense for the 3rd Paint Jam
Help Starry the sheriff to shot his way through an hord of banditos from outer space !
find the right perspective to turn the stars into constellations
Help VanGogh fight agianst the night sky.
A game where you jump on your enemies heads to get around the levels
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Paint Jam 2019 Entry: Log the number of meteors you see each night.
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digheon boom for jam
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Van Gogh lost the stars he needs to finish his painting, help him!
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a visual novel about a starry night
Visual Novel
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Larry needs to protect Starry Night from dangerous Sheeps Invader.
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Mind is a place of many dark secrets... how long can you resist suicide?
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They took his ear so he took their lives
made for ms paint jam
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Help Van Gogh defeat the Paint Spirit and recover the stars!
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