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This is one of those contrived puzzles in which there are no consistent rules, and you have to read the author's mind. The game can be compared to the GROW flash series by EYEMAZE - his games are also about making a similar sequence in the right order, but the difference is that in EYEMAZE's GROW there are many convincing fail states / wrong sequences to explore and learn from. Here, failing just means "nothing".

The way you can interpret the objects in front of you skyrockets to infinity, because their function is obfuscated beyond recognition. The little ball has an obvious exit and entrance, whereas the other objects have no clear (or at least suggested) exits or entrances whatsoever. One ball spawner is multiple use, the other ball spawner is "single use only" - why? Just because of the contrived, inconsistent design? This inconsistency is a big deal, because of things like this none of  the constraints or consequences make any sense. 


I don't know about you, but I've spent a lot of time thinking about time machines. The end result makes perfect sense, but only if you/because I have knowledge of the potential temporal quirks beforehand. 

Also, I spent a decent amount of time assuming the larger ball was meant to cross the right side, and so had no idea how the Delorean or that hammer I think may be based on "Primer" were supposed to be satisfied.