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What a fantastic demo!! I found myself feeling quite disappointed when the ending game, especially as I was just starting to really get into it, but also that's probably a good thing—it ends right at the moment where you'll be able to really catch people's interest to want more!

The characters are so much fun! They're definitely what grabbed my attention the most while playing. Not only their sprites—which are all extremely lovely, what a wonderful style!—but also their dialogue and interactions. I love how much personality they all had! Which I feel is something so necessary for a story like this where so much of the story will hinge on the characters. Their voices were so wonderful, as well! Everyone felt so on-point and the lines were delivered beautifully—and hilariously sometimes, as well LOL!! Angus legit cracked me up almost every time he spoke. His VA did an amazing job HAHAHA

Wonderful UI work! I won't comment on a few of the small issues that others have brought up since I know it's a demo anyway and will be fixed. But what you have here already looks so polished. Oh, and your use of animation with the sprites! That tickled me pink more often than once (I legit laughed out loud with Angus kept popping up randomly in the middle of everyone LOL). Just a really nice job interjecting movement to help things feel cinematic and engaging. And a great job on the little point-and-click section! I imagine there'll be more where that came from in the full game!

Overall just a really wonderful start here. Lovely characters and art, a fun and intriguing story that left me wanting more at the end, and quirky spoopy vibes all around. I'll be looking forward to the full game!! 💕