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Hi Mauricio, 

I'm not that good at Portuguese, so I'll answer in English, I hope that helps as well: 

The Mugen interpreter for Dreamcast is called Dolmexica. Creating a Mugen/Dolmexica disc for Dreamcast generally has two steps.

  1. The first step is to create the Dolmexica mod you want to. burn to the disc. First, download the newest Dolmexica binary here. There is also a Windows version, which you can use to test characters/stages without wasting a disc. Dolmexica and Mugen share the same folder structure, except two small differences: In Dolmexica, all files are located in the assets folder (so the relevant folders relative to the 1ST_READ.BIN, the binary, become assets/data, assets/chars, etc.). The second difference is that Dolmexica does not support minuses in file names, due to restrictions in the ISO naming format for CDs. As I said, what you generally want to do is check your files with the Windows version first and then burn them to Dreamcast to see if things still work out with runtime/memory/etc. Which brings me to the second step:
  2. Actually burning the disc. This can be a bit tricky, but luckily there are programs available to help with this step. The one that is most commonly used is bootdreams, and christuserloeser wrote a rather comprehensive guide on how to make CDs with that here: Once you have the 1ST_READ.BIN and the folder with all the characters/stages, you can follow the part "How to create and burn your own DC image with BootDreams" of the guide to create a selfboot cd that works on Dreamcast. 

It's still a bit rough as far as usability is concerned and I apologize for frustration that might come from that. I'll work on making the whole process easier once I've gotten to a better place with the main Mugen interpreter stuff. Either way, thanks for writing!

Regards, Josh