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Thank you for the information. I use Unity's built in input manager, which, with the benefit of hindsight, probably wasn't the best idea (since I've learned that Unity's input system is, well, know not to be the best to put it that way). (Unity is the engine I use for development). If I had known this when I first started out developing the sim I would probably have looked into other alternatives. The way it is now, I can only read the values that come through the Unity input manager. Therefore it is not some thing I can change in my own code. I would need to change to a completely different input system. I am hesitant to do that now, since if I did it might fix the issue that you describe, but it might instead cause other unexpected issues to people who now has their setup working perfect.

What do you mean by "noticed that your calibration routine only looks at one value per axis"? (The row of little circles above the OK button when going though the calibrate controller procedure shows the values exactly as I see them in the input manager).