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Back, For some new combos with characters that I'm surprised I like and an updated notation.

  • 'A' - Light
  • 'B' - Medium
  • 'C' - Heavy
  • 'D' - Special
  • 'X' - Super
  • 'Y' - Assist
  • 'jc' - Jump Cancel
  • 'J.(' - in air
  • ')' - Land
  • Label: Character(Badge, Support)

Shirley(Anything, Gigli):

5A - jc J.(5C - 5Y) - 5B - 5C - 6D - 2C - 5D

Notes: Summons all three ghosts in one combo. The hard timings in this combo are the "5A - jc j.5C" and the "6D - 2C" Links but this combo in general is hard but not impossible


5A - 5B - 5C[2] - 6A - 5D - jc.(5A - 5D) - ...

Notes: Combo into his launcher, pretty basic and seems like Phil intended for this combo, so it's nothing really special.

Marv(Pain Chain, Gigli):

5A - 5B - 2C - 5Y - 2B - j.5D - 5X - 5X - 2B - j.(5C - 5D)

Notes: Combos from his Regular String in to his Grab with the help of Gigli. The "2C - 5Y" Link is actually pretty challenging so it will take practice to do this combo. 

My single pet peeve is the time I had to wait to get my support back 

It's amazing how in-depth you go with the  combat system, I feel honored :D Cool to see you summoning all 3 ghosts in Shirley's combo, I don't think anyone had figured this out. In general, not many people seem to use assists properly, maybe I need to make them more prominent in tutorials etc. And you're right , I should include a function to restore the assist meter in training.