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i've finished both endings and i gotta say, This is definetly a really good VN. Its got amazing potential and i kinda want to strangle the Lead Scientist. HE HAS ZERO VERBAL BOUNDARIES?! Its a really good mix between Confusion, Love and Secrecy. So far, i love it, and its written like a book series that leaves you with a cliffhanger everytime! Thank you so much for putting time and Effort into the game and keep up the amazing work!

Thank you so much Mr. Kaos! Believe or not the Lead Scientist will be a dateable character hahaha. I am happy to hear you are enjoying the game!

😱 I'll pass away from that route,thanks. He is too suspicious to me. I think he sees dead people 🤣🤣🤣 what a bad reference 

He is in need to show something good, or everybody will hate him! 🤣