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Another thing, the dog enemy can only be avoided if you are completely still and wait for his music to recede (even so much as turning while standing will make him kill you, so release the mouse as well). Also, during the late game when Marzia's faster, stand near doors leading to the corridors and listen for any clicking sounds (which is Marzia walking and approaching the door) and heavy high pitched breathing (like the breathing sounds Marzia makes at the start of the level) coming from the other side of the door. If the breathing is very loud and you hear no more clicking, that means she's door-camping right behind the door (don't open it), so if you are trapped in a class room or blocked from entering the next corridor, throw a flash bang at the door without opening it to scare her away temporarily. Always write down the language notebook number codes on a piece of paper in order from the first code you find to the last one you find (NOT IN NUMERICAL ORDER, you need this for the elevator in the final chase), always listen for sounds and never forget to rewind Phonty or else he will kill you as well (I beat the level 3 times before and I have only one video to prove it. Go check in out on my channel "Pluto Neon")