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Blue rooms may have only math notebooks, lime green rooms (and the red room at the bottom with a 9, which is only accessible after collecting 9 language notebooks) may only have language notebooks (you only need all the language notebooks to beat the level, screw the math ones), the pink rooms may have both or just one notebook, the pizza room also may have a language notebook sometimes and the red key room may have only a math notebook and a few flash bangs which can be used against Marzia (both rooms can only be opened with a blue key from the blue key room), the animal crossing room is Viktor's starting room, the music note room is Phonty's room, violet circles are vending machines, and the cream rooms have nothing interesting in them. You start from the bluish gray area adjacent to the elevator and the punishment room. One more thing, avoid the opening the door to the red room at the top of the map (there's a cursed painting inside that room).