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Oh my gosh... Sorry let me start again. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I just played this game today and I have so many emotions right now. The whole journey was like a roller-coaster of emotions. The game was so well put together. The music, script, Just wow. I don't remember the last time I had so many feelings after playing something, last time I THAT much enjoyed the visual novel. You touched two pretty serious topics like slavery and women rape, but they were so carefully and accurate shown and talked about. ALSO I have a problem with yuri games sometimes, cause the romance in them seems often too silly and unnatural. But YOU showed the relationships between those two women SO WELL. Like I SAW feelings there and I don't need anything else. Their story is finished. You avoided all those "I blush from how beautiful she looks", "I feel butterflies in my tummy every time she smiles" cliches. And you even avoided "kiss of true love at the end" that I think almost all the games have xD I liked that this game was so intense sometimes, it wasn't fully animated but I had a feeling few times that I'm seriously watching some movie, cause I got so into all of this. You know, I got so used to some "rules" of most yuri games that at the end for a moment I even thought that there won't be any GxG moments at all. And I would be okay with it even if you just leave them as being friends with possible something else more in near future ^^ BUT the ending, the beautiful ending ah......nice)) This game is a nice story of how someone can find you at some dark moment in your life and help you see the light. And in return you might also help someone learn something in return)) This game gives hope. And just you know, thanks for making it. And good luck with future projects ^_^ ps also just a suggestion, I think it would be wise to put "yuri" or "lgbt" in tags, so it would be easier to find the game for those who might be interested :)


Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad that the story made an impact to you. I can't take all the credit though, half of it is Zetsubou's amazing work on the script ^_^

I went ahead and updated the tags, thanks for the suggestion! :)


Oh, you're welcome, you're welcome ^_^
And it surely did))) Haha, well you can have part of the credits xD Anyway, you both made an incredible job with this game, thanks :))

And no problems))) I see it already began to crawl high in popularity)) Nice job))