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They are youtube video-IDs. Put the strings after /watch?v=$string. The videos contain morse-code saying the following:

TURNRIGHT (from wNYdY7azjjQ)

THENLEFT (from gMKfmT_zDdU)

LEFT (from aic30PUu86Q)

lxweJb7yTHM apperantly isn't available anymore.

Finally all 4 videos available (it isnt lxweJb7yTHM but IxweJb7yTHM it wasn little "L" it was big "i" and this video is tutorial to all switch locations)

All of the videos are gone.. So what then?

I dont know what are you talking about. I still can watch them.

Found them. Its definitely morse code but what does it mean? Where does it want you to turn.