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What an excellent demo! The art, character design, music, world and story are all excellent and I can't wait to see how you build on all of it!

In terms of the gameplay, I think there is a lot of great stuff here. Even in just the demo, I love the build variety! Starting builds, different weapons, different accessories and effects, talents. All stuff I love.

Attack, heavy attack, spell, parry, and dodge are simple but effective core features for a combat system and I had fun with it. The effects on a successful dodge/parry are also great, firstly because it lets me know I was successful, and also it because it feels satisfying. There was also a good amount of enemies with different attack patterns and even a boss, which I thought were all a good difficulty. I also enjoy the spell system, and liked that you use magic in combat and for exploration. Even found a secret spell which is fun!

As for things I'd like to see improved, it's all stuff I'm sure you have your eye on changing anyway. One or two enemy attacks were a bit awkward to parry, and the stamina felt a little too restrictive. Its also a little awkward casting a spell in battle. For a game still in development, these are very small points.

I'm very impressed and had a lot of fun! Sad I missed the kickstarter, but I'll definitely be following this project from now on. (Also I can't find any donation links anywhere, but would love to chuck a few bucks your way to support you!)

Thank you for your kind words <3