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Be great if you had mouse click control options or a in-game virtual joystick that alot of gathering resource games have.  If you continue to work on this please implement a mouse control option. as it really helps disabled gamers who can't use a standard keyboard. I was able to use a on-screen keyboard to play. Nice little game that could easily be expanded and made more complex to extend game play.

This could become a upgrade game. More resource types could be added so you have to craft fuel and other things like new more powerful drills to drill through dense bedrock and hazzards. Imagine this as a reach the core game and a possible reason for doing this could be to power a futuristic city or first colony on a earth like planet with geothermal energy forever. I can imagine lots of ways to make this playable for hours.

Thank you for the feedback! I feel like keeping arrow keys pressed for a long time can feel tedious very fast so a virtual joystick could help with that too. If you play on mobile there is a default virtual key screen that appears (it's from the engine I use, Pico 8) but I don't think it can be activated on computer. I feel the control for this game could be a lot better, it doesn't feel very precise and having a "analog" joystick input could help.

Thanks for the suggestions, I don't know if I will add more to this game in the future. If you don't know it already, check the commercial game Dome Keeper, it was a big inspiration for my game.