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@dorukasma, I had trouble running the game after reinstalling Win7. I also had downloaded and run the zip file and did the roaming file thing. Trying to run the game with the itch front end didn't work for me, still doesn't, just generates an error message and wants me to sign up to get another web site. My advice is find some other way. I got my game working buy updating Windows, (there 96 updates one of them was the one Aven needed). To this day the itch is worthless, all it does is crash and want you to sign up to different web sites. It's more adware than anything else. Try running Windows update and see if that works. I would avoid the so called "launcher."

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Thanks for your advice. I have updated the W7 like 2 times today. In total over 230 updates. And still the same problem with the same error.

Dunno what else to do.

This is the error I get when I launch the game


Try running the game without the launcher. When I try to start the game with the itch launcher I get the same thing, it's a different number but the same basic error. Try running the game from the AvenColony.exe file. For me it's located at C:\Aven Colony\aven-colony-windows-beta. Then look for the file, I am not sure if Windows hides exe files by default or not you might have to change that setting if you can't see it. It should be the first file after 2 folders. Double click it and see if the game starts. That's the way mine runs, i just made a shortcut to it on my desktop.