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Waiting for thorns of war, heaven's grave, and this. I will be buying them all. Best of luck finishing them all! but question

COUGH From the looks of the images im going to make a guess that I won't be able to romance Mr Bryant then? COUGH excuse me uh will these be put on steam? or is it better for you if i bought through

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Ah, thank you! It's always encouraging to hear people are looking forward to games. 

COUGH Melody can ^_^ COUGH

I'm not sure yet if it will be on Steam - I tend to wait to see how the game has done on itch first, since it costs money to put a game on Steam and they also take greater share of the money I make, so I need to be sure it will sell well to cover that cost. 

I really like itch as a site. I like the site design and the interface, and I really like the community on here. Everyone is supportive and it's easy to connect with the people who play/are interested in playing my games and get their feedback.  

It may sound silly, but being able to read messages like this one can really help me get over any 'writing slumps'.

Ha! I got a little sentimental there! Anyway, I'm not sure if it will be on Steam yet - if it will be, it will likely be a few months after the itch release and I will put a message up here letting people know about it. If you want to hang on for that then, of course, please do so. ^_^

Thanks for playing