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i spent 20$ on steam and the website in an attempt to play this game, but since i do not have the "openGL graphics card 2.0+" i could not play it. however, i was able to play the demo on kongregate and somewhere else and i was hoping to know if there was a solution to this since i really want to play the full version.

do you have like a website or something i can play it on since it doesnt seem to work for me on fullscree

How old is your computer? OpenGL 2.0 has been around since 2004 so most computers should have it. What graphics card do you have? Updating the graphics card driver (from the manufacturer's website) might fix the problem depending on how old your graphics card is.

The kongregate version has a fallback html5 canvas renderer (which is really ugly - and it will warn you about if it uses it) that allows the game to run even if you don't have OpenGL 2.0+ - but the full version can't use it (it's not HTML5).

dont you need to pay like 50$ to upgrade it though?

Graphics cards are expensive (usually a lot more than $50) and tricky to replace, but the graphics card driver is free to upgrade, it's just software from the manufacturer's website. It won't change the power of the graphics card, but it will sometimes add new capabilities (like opengl 2.0 support). What graphics card do you have installed currently? I can see if there's an updated driver.


im pretty dumb lol so i dont really know much about my graphics card except that its outdate

If you're running windows, then run dxdiag.exe (from the start/run menu), then go to the display tab of the window that appears and it will tell you the name of the graphics card (like, mine says "Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520", which is enough to find the right driver).

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It says my adapter type is Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (WDDM 1.1) but when i go to the update menu it says i already have the best one for my pc, could i just get a 20$ refund?

The latest driver is, released 08/30/2012, so it's possible it's just too old and doesn't support Aground. To get a refund, you'll have to contact (if you bought it on steam too, you'll have to request the refund there as well: I cannot process refunds myself, but they both allow refunds for games that don't run, so it should be pretty easy.

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Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (WDDM 1.1) sounds like an on-board Intel graphics adapter that is rather outdated like you say yourself.   And if you are running a laptop computer then that's it, end of story.   However if you use a desktop PC of some sort (in a big metal casing with a screen next to it) then it ought to be relatively easy to get a secondhand graphics adapter for cheap.   However it would be required both that you know what socket that is available for an add-on graphics adapter and that you find out if the power supply on your PC is powerful enough for what you eventually buy so that you do not get a too powerful upgrade unless that you want to spend money on a better power supply also.   So in any case you would have to get help from someone who can help you do an upgrade. 

If you ask someone that has knowledge of PC stuff to help they may tell you that you are better off buying a new PC but if you have a desktop PC and do not have the money to get a better PC then it might be possible to find  a cheap used add-on graphics adapter.

Anyway, let me put it this way : Any PC that can not run the Aground game is probably so old that you seriously ought to consider upgrading parts of the PC or the whole PC.

(As it says in a present Q45 Express Chipset compatibility review then a dedicated graphics card upgrade is a must , however while a better graphics adapter can help you play a few games that you can not play now then it will not help you with other challenges that you are facing like e.g. that for every generation of computer and OS it takes more power to run all the software, especially because in today's world you will always need to have a very good antivirus program package which adds a great start burden on the whole computer for just booting.  Also with respect to speed then these days you ought to have the OS drive be a SSD drive.  In the end my best advice would be : get a new PC and if you want a PC because you generally want to play PC games of the kind that you generally buy on Steam then be sure that it has a fairly good graphics adapter.  These days a new PC ought to have at least one of the better Intel i5 CPUs or better (i7) and NVidia Geforce 1060 series or better)