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Thanks for sharing this.

Just a suggestion though. People get confused and most of the time get scared to use assets which do not specify exact terms of use. For instance, can this asset be used on a commercial product, if we give credit to you? How can someone credit you correctly? Do you want to use a name? A nickname? Do you want to add a url to this page or your blog? Specify such stuff here and it is a good idea to insert a textfile with those terms on the zip package of your asset.

Now some feedback. Before that though, keep in mind that I can NOT draw. I might have an idea on how and what to appreciate but take my feedback with a grain of salt, since I am not an expert in the field. The style is interesting, details are great, I like the details on the hand, while the tiny finger of her right hand, seem to me just a LITTLE longer than it should had been. Just a tiny detail, no big deal really, I might be wrong actually. As as an asset it can be perfected as soon as alternative clothing is added.


wow, that's a really thought through response, thank you so much! I'll make sure to look into the whole terms of use thing - right now I just kinda followed along with what the other sprite-creators were doing on this site. There are more mistakes in this model than just the finger, the whole body seems to be stretched out - I wouldn't even post this, yet those mistakes add to the character (imo), so I didn't really change anything. My bad >.< Thanks for drawing my attention to this tho, I really do appreciate it! 

As I understood, people on this website not only wish for the sprite to have multiple outfits, but also multiple poses - I plan on adding such variety to sprites I'll draw further down the road - right now I posted this one sprite-set and also the other one just to see what posting on is like and so. I understand that you can't really do much with just one outfit, one pose and 7 emotions on a character, but maybe it will work as a main character for a reallly small tiny project, or just as a side character.