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Of course! ^^ Thank you

^^ You're fully free to edit and change stuff in the sprites. If you do, it would be good if you could mention in the credits (wherever you credit me as the creator of the sprites) that the sprites were modified by you. Thanks!

body poses/angle would be an addition that would take me quite a bit of time, so I would ask for more monees. This would be suitable to discuss personally, regarding the price in USD as well. My email is ^^

I'll ask for at least 5 euros if it's something like a new outfit/hairstyle/arm posture. I can do the extra thing for free if it's something tiny, like a simple accessoire or a couple (not more than 3) new emotions. Thanks for asking!

The scene with the arrow-keys does go on for a bit too long (at least in the browser version). Got all three endings, very cute and stylish game!

Wah! That's awesome, thank you a lot! Feel free to share your channel here ^_^

biased reply :P <3

awesome experience. frog jumping from planet to planet simulation 10/10. reaching a destination planet feel satisfying. great work in such a short amount of time!

Awesome result! Loving the spaceship design, very dynamic. Lots of fun to jump from one planet to another! Thanks for streaming the development on twitch too <3

No, I've only developed the novel with desktop in mind ':D and haven't had plans to adjust it yet! Thanks for pointing this out!

Oh yeah yeah, maybe I should mention in the description that it's actually intentional.. ':D I had to add some environment interactivity based on the task, and that's what I came up with to expand on the horror vibes :P Thanks for checking it out, Duke-sama! <3

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very wholesome game! best game designer ever <3

>/////< I feel like our team just won an oscar, this review is a huge compliment :D thank you so much, i'm really happy you took so much enjoyment from the game!

I will make the changes soon, thank you very much for this correction! I'm happy you enjoyed the game! :D

Wahh thank you so much >///< I'm really glad to hear that!

Obviously fan-art is allowed and will be loved and cherished! :D Be sure to post it in this comments section here too if you want to!

ok i'm glad! i was worried, since i have no way to test the vn on an apple device :D thank you so much!!! Thanks for notifying!

it is! thank you!! :D

I don't plan on adding any new sprites like that for now.. You can write me an e-mail if you have some specific request for a personal project. I can also draw boys :D

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Thank you! No, I don't have one, sorry.


:з so sweet of you, thanks~~

Feels like a good sci-fi short story, which I really like! Amazing how you fleshed out the characters, even tho we only find out about them from one person's memories. Thanks for using my sprite, she really fits here :D Now I wish I made a more diverse range of emotions for her! Also, I'm amazed how you managed to make the japanese school location backgrounds fit perfectly into the spaceship scenario, by explaining what the function of the objects shown actually is. It's weirdly clever :D , it's in my bio ^_^

It seems to me you're an aspiring Visual Novel developer. If you're having trouble drawing characters for your games, you can always just commision someone like me to do this work for you. If you want to do it yourself, I'd suggest you first get a good grasp of drawing people, or anime characters specifically. It's going to take a lot of work. Search youtube for beginner tutorials on drawing characters, and most importantly copy a lot of screenshots from your favourite anime / the anime which artstyle you see most fitting for your projects. Copying will help you understand how to draw - don't use these copied practice drawings in your projects tho :D 

When it comes to drawing digitally, any software which can save pngs with a transparent background will do - Photoshop, SAI, etc. Even newer Paint versions can do that I believe.

Good luck

T-thanks ><

Good job :D Real crazy you could design a character so specific yet such that I and apparently many others could 100% relate to, from having a crush on a grown woman in my early teens to testing out weird spells from the internet as a hobby, heck, even the game design student thing. Yet the novel felt just like a description of something that goes around in my head as a "what if...", as it didn't delve too deep into the topics it touched on. The part with meeting the young version especially dissapointed me, as I expected much more deep and strange conversations to occur and revelations for the younger girl to have as a result. I also don't like how much the player gets punished for choosing to go get a job, tho the MC theoretically wouldn't necessarily need to get away from Nelly because of that. Tho I understand why you decided to make it turn out like that. And despite everything I said I'm glad you created this story.

Looking forward to other novels <3

Good job! Ao is my husbando <3 Waiting for the full release!!!

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This story has lots of potential! I really really wish the novel had proper visuals, stuff like cgs, I wish the characters would come to life much much more and became more intricate in the first part, so that I could really feel the second part through. For now they really just felt like characters in a game with predictable dialogue and nothing more to me :D

Keep up the good work <3

Thanks Mutive! :o I appreciate it! Please show me your project when it's done <3

Hey, thanks again for using my sprite, I just checked out the game and I'm impressed! Especially the music, since you made it yourself I feel the need to compliment you on that, it's amazing. Take your time buddy, I'm enjoying your project even in its unfinished form.

There's a little bug in a scene where Tom's in his room and talks to *spoiler* a girl and then passes out. There's an error that says "Image Tomangry not found". I'm not sure if you know about that, maybe you do~ Sorry

Oh okay, that's cool, thanks!

Hey thank you so much! I appreciate it. Contact me when your game's finished, I'd love to have a look at it! 

oh, ok then. thanks for your support! I needed it

also hey I have no idea about how to dev log, is it ok to talk about another sprite here that is not related to the "Natasha" one?///

wow, that's a really thought through response, thank you so much! I'll make sure to look into the whole terms of use thing - right now I just kinda followed along with what the other sprite-creators were doing on this site. There are more mistakes in this model than just the finger, the whole body seems to be stretched out - I wouldn't even post this, yet those mistakes add to the character (imo), so I didn't really change anything. My bad >.< Thanks for drawing my attention to this tho, I really do appreciate it! 

As I understood, people on this website not only wish for the sprite to have multiple outfits, but also multiple poses - I plan on adding such variety to sprites I'll draw further down the road - right now I posted this one sprite-set and also the other one just to see what posting on is like and so. I understand that you can't really do much with just one outfit, one pose and 7 emotions on a character, but maybe it will work as a main character for a reallly small tiny project, or just as a side character.