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Thanks so much *-* I just sent you an e-mail

Hey, thanks again for using my sprite, I just checked out the game and I'm impressed! Especially the music, since you made it yourself I feel the need to compliment you on that, it's amazing. Take your time buddy, I'm enjoying your project even in its unfinished form.

There's a little bug in a scene where Tom's in his room and talks to *spoiler* a girl and then passes out. There's an error that says "Image Tomangry not found". I'm not sure if you know about that, maybe you do~ Sorry

Hell yeah, someone's actually buying this stuff, I'm so happy! I guess I should do more of these!

Oh okay, that's cool, thanks!

Hey thank you so much! I appreciate it. Contact me when your game's finished, I'd love to have a look at it! 

oh, ok then. thanks for your support! I needed it

also hey I have no idea about how to dev log, is it ok to talk about another sprite here that is not related to the "Natasha" one?///

wow, that's a really thought through response, thank you so much! I'll make sure to look into the whole terms of use thing - right now I just kinda followed along with what the other sprite-creators were doing on this site. There are more mistakes in this model than just the finger, the whole body seems to be stretched out - I wouldn't even post this, yet those mistakes add to the character (imo), so I didn't really change anything. My bad >.< Thanks for drawing my attention to this tho, I really do appreciate it! 

As I understood, people on this website not only wish for the sprite to have multiple outfits, but also multiple poses - I plan on adding such variety to sprites I'll draw further down the road - right now I posted this one sprite-set and also the other one just to see what posting on is like and so. I understand that you can't really do much with just one outfit, one pose and 7 emotions on a character, but maybe it will work as a main character for a reallly small tiny project, or just as a side character.