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AI pictures could be a good source of knowledge in terms of f.e. composition and use of color, but AI still messes up a lot of details or nuances about architecture, furniture and other details, as well as the consistency of lights and shadows, so I definitely don't recommend studying them directly.

If you want to learn creating beautiful anime / visual novel backgrounds, I recommend studying backgrounds of existing animes and visual novels (for me these were Nichijou and Clannad), as well as artists like しおん - or _LM7_ -

For the AI backgrounds in this post, I recommend to exclusively use them as a) draft backgrounds while developing a visual novel to then later replace with actual custom backgrounds; b) as finished assets in context that welcomes AI assets to be used, or c) as basis for rich thorough overpainting to take them as a sort of sketch and transform them into something that doesn't have any of the dumb AI artifacts and visual glitches and actually shows your own unique artstyle.

Thanks! Sounds reasonable... I'll consider doing that anytime in the future and updating the existing files, just because it shouldn't take long and I'm personally curious about how much impact it would have on her visuals. Let me know if you plan to use this character in your project so I know if I should do it until some specific deadline :D

x_x Thanks for letting me know! Didn't notice I had "Hide this asset" checkmark active for some reason.

Дякую, дуже гарна порада!! :O ❤

Дуже дякую, помилки скоректую після голосування, і вже була знайдена добра людина, яка готова редагувати текст цілком :D Сумно, що важко читати, вибачаюсь - писала я й насправді українською, наскільки я це можу, та перевіряла онлайн інструментом перевірки, але треба ще більше досвіду писання українською - буду в майбутньому старатися :P

Потрясна графіка та анімації, чудова історія, дякую за гру :)

????? Арти для двох днів роботи дуже гарні! По каверу я сподівалась, що це буде лише текстовий адвенчур, а не повноцінна візуальна новела, хоч і коротка. Текст сподобався, з відповідною музикою було б дуже атмосферно.

БУДЬ ЛАСКА, додайте трошки скріншотів до Вашої гри на ітчіо! Вони допоможуть отримати більше оцінок, я вважаю :)

Я не зрозуміла історію :D Хоча інколи казалось, що ось зараз зараз почну розуміти, але одразу після цього персонаж починав говорити о чомусь іншому. Але написано цікаво.

Намальовано та анімовано гарно, гарний дизайн персонажів, добре для короткого джему.

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Чудова гра, гарно написано, звукове оформлення сподобалося :)

Під час бою котів є трошки діалогу, де інтерфейс зникає, і тому не прочитати текст, тому що він такого ж кольору, як і фон. Можна лише імена побачити.

Ця гра відчувається як якесь scp :P

Good job and congrats on the game! ^^ The movement felt quite nice once I got used to the controls. The music slaps 👌👌👌🔥

omg I got the game jam queen's blessing 🥺✨ thanks Kolaya!!

Довговолосі хлопці *_* Yes please! Гарні арти, чудова отоме ^^

Гарна робота великої команди розробників :) Чудовий задум, цікава історія, читалось швидко та приємно. Дякую за чудову музику.

i don't see any exe in the archive... ~_~ is this normal? T_T

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Чудова новела, персонажі так круто намальовані! Гарний задум, читалось легко, швидко та затишно) І теж захотілося намалювати свій план будинку, або в сімс знов пограти :Р

Дуже подобається, як автор уявляв собі світ та персонажів що в ньому мешкають :) Подобаються кольори та оформлення. Хотілося б більше прочитати про все що трапилось та дізнатися більше про усіх персонажів.

Рада була побачити історію про кохання серед новел (в списку тамбнейл виглядав як корейська дорама, тому привернула мою увагу), і задум сподобався :) 

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I am extremely happy about you getting 2nd place in the jam. Your entry is the one I'm sure I'll keep remembering long after the jam is over. Having vedal read out the entire narration on his stream was a great bonus and I'm glad it happened.

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Thanks, this post helped a lot (found it on the first page of my google search)! 👍❤ Good luck on your future projects, kind person!

I ended up not answering the spoilers question for two years ':D I wanted to leave it open for interpretation - I guess the difference is whether or not she feels connected to the human world by the end, or if she dislikes it and wants to return to how things were :P

I loved the mechanics, they were lots of fun to learn and figure out! Sadly I got impatient because of either skill issue or the ramp being unbalanced, or the mechanics not acting predictable enough. I would reeeeally love to see how Vedal plays it though.

The sound effects and the art were pretty cool too. Extra point for the femboy tutel noises.

Love the look of it. Would like for Vedal to check it out.

I loved the tutel on a leash mechanic, this was unexpectedly fun! Really want for Vedal to check this out.

Very cute. Another awesome Touhou-themed Neuro game :^) Would like to see Vedal try this one.

Love how the enemies look, genuinely terrufying. Would love to see Vedal play this.

Ah yes, the legendary Anny Well game.

It ended up being unexpectedly cozy, the final fight was unexpectedly entertaining and didn't make impatiently leave the game, and now I really want Vedal to play this so we get to hear the final monologue narrated by him personally :)

Great job on the game! If not for the fact that you have to wait too long after each death, the game would have been very enjoyable.

Also love how we're playing Anny riding Vedal :)

As a fan of Slay the Spire, I'm in love with this game. I wish there was more time / additional person on the team to make the art and the interface look awesome, right now it gets a bit chaotic and difficult to follow through all the numbers and icons.

The sound design is great, and the little text story bits were enjoyable too :) Very successful first game jam participation!

Looks awesome, and it was great to see Vedal play it :)


The game looks good!

I'm not a fan of difficult platformers, let alone ones with no respawn points, but I'd love to see Vedal rage at it, and I'm happy to see others had fun with it ❤

Good job on the art! The puzzles were fun enough, the movement felt good to the point where I felt I could speed through the levels if I felt it was too easy, so I had an awesome experience. The dialogue was cute too.

I'm happy to see one of those games in this jam that feels like it would be quite a challenge to develop (think of all the puzzles and all), yet where the dev chose a scope small enough to where he could finish and polish the game on time for the deadline. Awesome work!

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Camimi did an awesome job on the art, love how the characters and the storyboards look.

The environment art feels very unfitting and way too sketchy, which doesn't fit at all with the very polished and clean art provided by camimi. The environment is the thing that made me procrastinate on trying out this game, because the way it clashes with the how the characters look really puts me off. It even clashes with the level design a bit: on the part where I had to pick up the key to open a water obstacle, I didn't understand that that's what it had to do because it looked like water, not a door. I kept switching to Tutel trying to understand what he needed to do to make the water go away. The rum, that I had Neuro hold at that time, was also at fault for making me not pick up the key first, since I thought I'd need to use the rum at some point there and it was too early to pick up that key. Judging from the comments, the rum wasn't even really meant to be picked up anyways.

With more playtesting and fixes of the bugs / confusions mentioned by other commenters, and more time put into environment design to make it more polished and inline with the artstyle from the second artist working on it, I believe the game would turn out perfect 💚

Congrats on the prototype and on successful participation in your first game jam! It feels un-optimized, and it keeps crashing after the lighting becomes brighter and brighter, not sure what that's all about, but with the first game jam + first time using Godot I'm still impressed on what I see!

I loved all the 3D work and especially the animation on this. If Neuro was a real life girl, I imagine that's exactly what she would look and move like :)

I loved what I saw from Vedal's stream, and I love how it's another Touhou-themed submission :^) 👍

Very nicely done game, everything has been said already by the other commenters 👍 400 is my highscore

Awesome, feels like Neuro wrote this game. Vedal should play this definitely!

Good job on the game and congrats on getting the project done 💪 Would like to see Vedal play this.

A very nice experience! I like all the submissions in this jam that put the player in vedal's pov and show his desktop. This game is also a nice collection of the memes and gags related to The Plush Incident.

I was hoping this game is all about getting to marry 15 vtubers to get rid of the debt, judging from the thumbnail, and was disappointed it wasn't mentioned in the game in any way T_T Unless I missed something?