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Hello! I wanted to say that I really enjoyed this game! I'm so picky when it comes to VN and usually, I end up being frustrated by the main character but Tamara was definitely one of the best aspect of the game. More than once I ended up laughing at her antics and reactions. I also loved that you choose an universe that wasn't set in England/European-like country. It was such a nice change! 

Concerning the routes, I loved each one of them but I have to say that Reksa was definitely something! 

Thank you for bringing us such a nice, clever, funny - and much more - game!

Hi frogscollector!
Thanks for coming by and sending me this warm support! >///<
I'm very happy to hear you like Tamara and the Indonesian culture I've applied here! I see that Reksa is still the most popular bachelor out here x'D

Thanks again for dropping by and hope to see you again at Bermuda, my second game!