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I was able to open the ZIP file, thank you. I also use WinRAR (an old version true), so it's strange that I cannot open the RAR files. Also tried RAR Opener from Windows store and Free Unrar (both of which should be recent versions), but all give errors.

Anyway, I think the game has potential. I fist saw Tim Ruskwick play it on a Feedback Friday and I liked the concept. When I tried playing it I found it very hard, so I think Tim just got lucky to make it to the second level :). 

Don't know if it's worth your time to do more work on it, but here's some ideas to make it more playable:

1. Having a small radar/mini-map of the area so you can see where the enemies and drop offs are, otherwise you can just wonder around until your time is up and not find anything.

2. More progression, that is, easier enemies at the start that shoot less often and maneuver slower and drop off more loot. 

3. Maybe have some credits just floating around that can be found without destroying an enemy.

Thank you for the feedback! If I work on it again I'll definetly add a radar, it even gets annoying for me to find enemies. The original concept for the progression was that slowly stronger and stronger enemies appear with better and better parts, so you can take them and get stronger too, but right now the enemies only have 1 set of parts so that kinda ruins it. Credits floating in Space sounds like a good idea too.