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What if I said that I played the game long enough to where it soft locked on me? I've been having tons of fun with it, and I think it was a good stopping point to go to sleep at that time. Though at least I'm getting better at the game and learning some neat tricks. So far my highest before the lock up was the Employees Only one on Shift XXX with a very good score. I started to realize by Shift XXX you can't afford to trip which definitely upped the challenge

By the way, I will officially say I look forward to seeing the new changes and stuff done for this game. It is really fun to get lost into.

I'm really glad to see you liked the game so much, the current version definitely has a lot more to it. And I had no idea it could soft lock like that!!

I think the soft lock is a result of the bonus time after what happened. I made the mistake of delivering the wrong drink while I was pressed for time and was set to a bonus of -0.50 ( Hence why one of the customers is blacked out. ) When I entered the door the game had soft locked which I almost assumed was a game over state until I waited and realized it wasn’t. Though it was like 2 A.M and I needed sleep for college so I shrugged it off, but not before saving my score.

With how Shift XXX basically removes commands to recover from a fall, this made it important for me to finish things quickly. Especially as I hadn’t really found a suitable way to slip past the other waitress. This is also partially why I used simple QTEs during my playthrough. I feel inputting 3 random directions in a row before tripping is difficult compared to pressing the same set of buttons, and much easier on a keyboard.