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Hi there, I just recently played through the demo for Blame Him and I’d like to share some of my thoughts on the game here. With these mini reviews I typically go over things I liked, some things I didn't and any bugs I might have run into throughout my time with the game. In this case I will be giving the benefit of the doubt in some areas due to the fact that this is a demo, and the full title could vary differently from what’s on offer here.

I’ll start off with the things I liked. The game looks really good, on the ultra-quality texture settings, things look very crisp, the environments are highly detailed and this adds to an overall sense of atmosphere that the demo manages to maintain throughout its entirety. Sound is something that’s incredibly important in horror games and I found it to be used appropriately here, the player characters footsteps, doors creaking, static sounds, lights flickering, and more, all add to the games sense of atmosphere, further driving home that anything could happen at any given time.

Next, I’ll go over some things I didn't like. The biggest thing I can think of is how the trailer at the end of the demo seems to promise a lot more than what’s actually on offer here. After witnessing what the game is supposed to be (according to the trailer) I left the demo with the feeling of disappointment, the scares and tense feelings that the trailer leaves the viewer with aren't echoed in the demo. While the demo showcases how the game can build up an appropriate atmosphere, it’s never fully capitalized on until the very end, and even then, I found the demo to fall a bit flat. The games features mention how the focus is supposed to be on multiple enemies, stealth, and puzzles, however none of these things are present in the demo to any significant extent. There is one enemy, a hint at a puzzle and zero stealth involved in the demo. I feel as though a scene that showcases these features to a greater extent would have been a more appropriate demo.

I found one bug in my play-through though it definitely isn't game breaking. At a certain point when looking back at a doorway there appeared to be a large black rectangle just behind the door, but still within the players vision. Very minor bug, but could lower an individual’s immersion with the game. This alongside some minor texture pop in are the only bugs I could find, everything else plays as intended.  

At the end of the day, this a fairly solid demo for an indie horror game. It looks fantastic, sounds great and manages to build up a decent atmosphere for the player. I just wish that the demo better reflected the promised features and the trailer. I’m hoping that the full game manages to deliver on at least some of these promises. It is worth noting that the overall project is quite impressive considering it is only made by two people.

I made a let's play video of my time with the game (linked above).

Cheers and best wishes to you,


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