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I never heard the tree area causing such problems before. It shouldn't be too heavy on content, but it's good that it got fixed on its own. Sometimes if you play the game for many hours straight, it can get more taxing to the computer and it can cause lag. Maybe this could be the case?

If it happens more often, let me know!

Yea, I bought the game for my brother as well, and it hasn't happened to him and he's got further than me. 

When I load my furthest progress, the extreme lag is there. I can press F2 to display WebGL mode and a gauge that reads "ms 250".

The entire time I have played I did not notice ms over 2, and it's been at a constant 60 FPS, until this one specific point of progress. As mentioned before, I can just enter the northmost door and the lag is gone, back to 60 FPS even when I reenter the save room. 

I tried tweaking all enhancements in AMD profile that might cause a conflict, MLAA, triple buffering, sync options, shader cache, tessellation, set them all to 'let the application decide'. I haven't experienced lag in any of my other games, like Dark Souls 3 or Exanima, only this pixel art game which is really strange. 

Perhaps a reinstall or is there an alternate .dll or a wrapper I can drop in the game's directory? 

 By the way, it's still not putting me off playing. And thanks again for all your hard work.