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The game mechanics looks pretty cool.
I'm assuming these graphics are place holder and you are going to improve them ;)
Regarding the game mechanics, I think you need to work on the strategic part. It came to my memories games like Rainbow six (the 1998 one). You needed to set in the strategic map all the instructions of each member of the team. The equipment/weapons,  where to move or wait, where to attack and how they attack.
In my opinion, there are only a few instructions, and you are not taking advantage of this cool mechanics. This is a key point of your game. Maybe I miss some of them (they are not easy to find) and I recommend you to do a better tutorial to explain them and take advantage of all game features.

I would love to see cover mechanics, ambush, different kind of soldiers (artillery, assault, sniper...covering different strategical  needs), thermal/zombie view and other tactical mechanics.

I love this game and I will put an eye on the project.



Hi Kalandras75,

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it is really really useful for us, and we are agree with you: the strategical part of the game is the key to create an awesome gameplay. Of course you are right again with the graphics: they are still not implemented in the concept game. Indeed, Project BlockchainZ is a code name for the future video game, and by now what we are looking for so hard is to know how the players interact with the prototype and take all the feedback as possible in order to create a really really good gameplay. 

We love the idea to have some different kind of soldiers, and so we are thinking in snippers, artillery, and others like that, because they will raise up the strategy level and will configurate a better gameplay for the player. 

Right now, our visual artist is working really hard in the graphics, but we wanna design them aligned to the lore behind. 

Thanks for the feedback, it really support us a lot! Hope you enjoy playing Project BlockchainZ and keep in touch, there will be more fresh contents and devlogs to show!