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When will the full game launch and will you give it a price? If so, how much?

We don't have a set date at the moment or a strict timeframe, since we're not working on the game full time. We also haven't decided on the price quite yet. I was planning on comparing prices of similar games and decide it when we're closer to launch. We might end up releasing some earlier builds on first to gather additional feedback if we see that there's enough demand for it. In that case the price would be cheaper initially and rise over time. 

Will you post more demo versions of the game to experience more of the demo or you will keep only 1 version on and

I'm really sorry. I somehow seem to have missed this question :(

I'm planning to post an update to the demo with bugfixes and other improvements based on feedback I've gotten from players. I'm also planning to write some instructions on how to make mods to the game, so perhaps some mods might end up expanding on the playable content in the short term.

Thank you for your honest answers

BTW, why you missed the question from 2, 3 weeks ago?

(1 edit) doesn't seem to send out notifications to me when someone posts in these threads, so they're easy to miss. I'll have to check if I can change that in the settings somewhere. But I'm online almost every day and very glad to have the opportunity to talk to people who are interested in the game.

(1 edit)

Um, long time no talk so...

Can you send me updates about the game through GMAIL?

See you soon

PS: I think this is kinda impossible for you, so you can say no too, its ok

Sorry I missed your comment again.

You can sign up to the newsletter on the game website

Although I will only send the most important news there not to spam subscribers :)