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hey bro, i got the update 5 and finished the game but i can't seem to activate the cheats, i pressed F1, what should appear after that?

Do it when you're already in a level.

that's what i did and literally nothing happened, i've tried different levels but nothing, i also have no idea where the save files are so i can't redo the game to see if the bug is fixed

That's really strange...  Just to confirm, it says version 1.1.0 in the main menu, and every level in the levels menu has a time under it including the second page (all the way up to Fatal Fissures?) You do not need to redo the game, if you can see all the times then cheats are unlocked already.

oh, i need to finish the new levels too? so THATS why its not working, thanks, ill try to figure out how to pass throuhg the yellow fractal