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Hello! I loved  every single aspect of this game, i can see a lot of hard work was put into this and honestly i can only recommend this game.  11/10 would let this game to give me the chills again. I've played through all the routes (some of them really did shock me haha)  and i got all the three endings for each character. I've been wondering about those "happily ever after" buttons (or however should i call them) in the memories section though and there's also those spots for more CGs in the gallery.....;3; May i ask how can i gain them? Also i'm sorry if you've already answered this somewhere before. 



We're very happy to hear you enjoyed Dead Wishes!

The extra buttons and CG spots will have content added in a spring update, so there's more to look forward to! The update will be up around May 1, so keep your eyes peeled.

Ohhh I see! I'm so looking forward to it! Thank you for your reply