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A few things I think you could do to improve the game.

  • Reduce the damage from enemy shotguns (They can be very frustrating, especially when you increase the difficulty. It could just be me)
  • On the first level, I think you should expand the yellow rectangle where you "slide jump" off all the way to the edge in the front of the block (When I first started playing, I thought you were supposed to jump right on the rectangle. It took me a while to realize you were supposed to jump off the edge)
  • A boss could be pretty cool, but i'm not sure how you could implement it into the game. It might ruin the fast pace of the game as a whole.

Overall, one of my favorite games. It's very fast paced and the graphics are amazing. Also, are you gonna add a price to the game on steam once it's completed? If so, how much will it be?

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I am thinking of having the last level of each chapter be a bit more like a boss fight, in the last one of the demo has one but while it kind of works as a different kind of fight I don't feel like it succeeded as an actual bossfight.

When I finish the game I'm thinking of 9,99$. The remaining content would be two chapters that introduce more new stuff (new look for each, new enemies and weapons) and the epilogue (remixes of previous maps so that the player can experience them differently with all the weapons and enemy types).

Plus I may actually add a small story to it, a cutscene that plays at the start and end of each chapter to give a bit of context and an overall progression to the game. Wasn't planning on that but kind of figured it out that it might not be hard to implement and it will be fun to do while adding something that was lacking in the game for some players.