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Hey. So I'm wondering about how to know which lines you have already read. I'm trying to get the "read all the lines" achievement, and I'm only have 16 lines. I have done every single route and no new lines. Please help

The small number of lines imply it's small variations that are missing. Off the top of my head it could be :
- Meeting the green-haired kid (Lee) in Zane's route.
- Meeting the white-haired kid (Kai) in Daire's route.
- Choosing not to spend time with your husband in each of the getaway combinations.
- A variation in the auction aftermath in Daire's path based on whether his affection is high/low
- An extra line or two in both versions of the play during Kiron's route if you have seen the dress rehearsal

I'm pretty sure that I have seen those scenes. Is there a way to see what I have already done?

Unfortunately not. The way to know it is new text is for the skip button to become disabled (with skip unread off) but for that to help you have to already be at the next.

Oh okay. Thanks for the help :)