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are you familiar with SAN_AnalogMove plug in? Thats what im using and i was just curious because im very interested in your work and im thinking about purchasing it the problem ive been having with other plug ins is due to the movement being pixel based the reflection would move onto spaces that shouldnt be reflective

We can go by the trust system, email me at and I'll send over a link for the plugin~ If it works then you could pay~ if not then we know ^.^
The reason I want to do it this way is because projects generally have a -- buttload -- of other plugins that may interfere, so while it might work with SAN_AnalogMove it may not work with one of the YEP plugins

heres the thing im all about the trust system and trust me i know exactly what you mean with interference ive been struggling with making things work for SAN_AnalogMove  sometimes i gotta switch it to GALV_DiagonalMovement and i go back and forth  while running out of options for reflection plugs and i resorted to using a YEP plug, the YEP_SaveEventLocations  when i was trying to avoid this so i know you can relate to the struggle lol ill send an email your way before the day is over