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Agreed. I don't know 100% which systems do or don't have open SRDs / OGL / open licenses or whatnot. I guess in the indie space, PbtA is the one that comes up most often, with FitD coming in strong (but Blades was a PbtA hack too, I think, so it's  hacks, of hacks, of hacks). I think FATE games can be made under OGL also, though? Savage Worlds probably doesn't belong on that list, because now that I'm looking at it, their license seems to be only open-adjacent, at best. Anyway, yeah, definitely no need to include the big ones, but maybe some players / customers will find having a few of these categories useful. I don't know. I've heard that some folks are really particular, and just want to play PbtA games exclusively, or just play FATE exclusively, or whatnot, so they might be able to narrow things down a bit that way.