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wow what great soundtrack! You see i’m a music producera, a fairly unknown one. I produce trap, hiphop, lofi and pretty much everything In betwen. I will be entering a college here in sweden for music producing within video gaming! But that really has nothing to do with my question hehe. I came across your game because of the cute artstyle. But man that soundtrack really got to me! Do you mind sharing what samples you used in those two tracks? Or atleter the name of them? And do you have a soundcloud or Bandcamp? You are really good at producing music! 

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Hey thank you! Happy to hear that~
I do have a soundcloud with a couple other things I've made:
Just uploaded the Soundtrack for this game there too, so you can download the tracks if you want.
I still have alot to learn when it comes to mixing/mastering especially tho xD
The main songs I've sampled are
- Masayoshi Takanaka - Sexy Dance (Sample should start at around 2:36 )
- TOI ET MOI - Shiroi nami

Do you mind sharing your soundcloud/bandcamp as well while we're at it?
Also entering a college for producing game music sounds awesome, have fun with that!